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FRP or fiberglass reinforced plastics are the composites used by manufacturers to fabricate tanks, gratings, profiles, sections, and other products. FRP tanks manufacturers India take fiberglass reinforced plastic as useful material because of several properties. In this post, you will read about these features.

• Infinite potential

You can get almost anything made of FRP material. With all the awesome features listed in this article, you will be able to imagine how manufacturers work with their zeal and creativity to fabricate durable structures and profiles.

• Low weight

Even the cheapest FRP material is less dense and lighter than the steel and aluminium.

• Mechanical strength

Fiberglass is so stiff and strong for its weight. It performs better than other materials like wood, steel or metals.

• High impact strength

As compared to most metals, fiberglass doesn’t deform even when it is ruptured.

• Resilience

FRP products such as tanks and gratings have a hard finish. The gelcoat used by manufacturers on the surface of the FRP product protects the color and product from distinct weather conditions.

• Formability

Fiberglass can be molded to almost any shape and design. Manufacturers can create or imitate most shapes with an ease. Molds used for FRP products fabrication are cheap to buy when compared with metal or plastic materials.

• Corrosion resistance

Unlike metals, FRP materials are corrosion resistant. You can say about FRP products that they are long-lasting.

• Weather resistant

Fiberglass reinforced products are weatherproof. No matter if you install your FRP tanks at the location where temperature is always high or always low, it will not deform or wear. Even acids and chemicals have zero impact on FRP products.

• Electrically insulating

People working in the power industry, FRP materials are the safest for working as they don’t conduct electricity.

• Thermally insulating

FRP material is long lasting and maintains its temperature. This is why it lowers the heat and cooling costs. You can touch the surface of FRP tank because it is neither cold nor hot.

• Low maintenance

Once you install FRP tank at the site, you don’t need to look after it every day. FRP products are maintenance free.

• Durable custom colors

You can avail colorful products in shiny or matte finish from FRP tanks manufacturers India. Normally, these products can last for up to 20 years or even more.

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