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Thermoplastics are specialized materials that can be re-heated and molded in several shapes. GRP pipe manufacturers use them to fabricate piping systems and other GRP profiles for industries. In this post, they will explain different thermoplastics and their advantages, disadvantages, and uses.

These plastics share common property, they soften when heated and are generally used in schools to vacuum form shapes.

1.Acrylic: It is the most commonly used plastic in a workshop of the school. It is available usually in the form of sheets in different colors. It can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Acrylic is resistant to many acids and weather conditions.

Advantages of using acrylic:

=> It is fairly cheap
=> Hard to touch
=> Stiff
=> Durable
=> Good electrical insulator
=> It can be polished and machined with an ease

Disadvantage of using acrylic:

=> It gets scratches easily
=> It is brittle

Use of acrylic:

=> It is used for making sign boards
=> You can use them for making covers of storage boxes
=> Aircraft canopies and windows
=> wash basins and baths
=> Covers for car lights

2.Polyethene: Polyethene can be molded into any possible form and the credit goes to its excellent molding features. Manufacturers prepare large sheets and use polyethene for the production of a variety of products due to its dual densities- high density and low density.

Advantages of polyethene:

=> Low density polyethene is tough, durable, lightweight, great chemical resistance, fairly soft, flexible, good electrical insulator
=>High density polyethene is hard, stiff, and able to be sterilized.

Disadvantages of polyethene:

=> It is hazardous for environment, animals, water ways
=> Some polyethene are not recyclable

Uses of polyethene:

=> Polyethene is generally used for packaging.
=>Some equipments like plastic bottles, household equipments, and tubing are prepared from polyethene thermoplastic

3.PVC: PVC is a tough composite material that can be either availed as hard material or a flexible form. PVC can be bonded or welded with an adhesive.

Advantages of using PVC:

=> It is stiff
=> It is hard
=> It is tough
=> It gas chemical resistance property
=> It is lightweight

Disadvantages of using PVC:

=> Poor weather ability
=> Prone to scratches

Uses of PVC:

=> Manufacturers use PVC to fabricate pipes, bottles, guttering, and window frames.

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