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Corrosion is the deterioration of a material when it reacts with environment. It is a natural process that you cannot stop but prevent by providing refined metals well-coated layer of corrosion resistant paint. However, GRP pipes manufacturers India bring the latest range of composite products that don’t need such protection and are corrosion resistant.

Experts know that corrosion-related damage is costly to repair and replace. FRP material contains a mix of glass fiber reinforcements and a polymer system, which makes it corrosion resistant and ideal for corrosive environments.

There are several ways to combat corrosion including using costly metals and coatings, surface treatments and other certain procedures to protect materials. In most environments and conditions, FRP materials can provide better results. Applications made of FRP are reliable and safe in use in harsh conditions in different corrosive environments.

By understanding the FRP properties and the environment in which FRP materials need to be installed, you can take better decision. Glass fiber and resin selection is critical in using FRP material. Manufacturers consider five key steps to ensure quality, durable results, and low risk while application of FRP in corrosive environments-

• Determine suitable applications for FRP material
• Implementation of FRP material standards set by industry
• Use existing government standards like ASME, ASTM, ISO, etc.
• Specify proper materials to produce FRP application
• Implementation of precise inspection protocols

FRP varies in cost compared to steel

While application of FRP material in certain corrosive environments, users found that it outperforms steel and the upfront cost is less than steel and stainless steel components. For many years, the up-front costs of FRP were higher as compared to conventional materials. However, recently FRP has proven its worth and people are aware of the fact that it is better than other alloys. You don’t need to maintain it and provide any protective coating against moisture or chemical.

The use of FRP and GRP products can offer quality long-lasting performance that you cannot achieve in the case of steel and stainless steel. You can easily make lots of savings by replacing the steel alloy components and pipes with FRP pipes as they never corrode. You can easily install them with limited tools in corrosive environments and provide minimum maintenance.

For better guidelines on maintenance, you can approach GRP Pipes Manufacturers India any time. Their professionals will provide you the best tips for maintaining GRP and FRP composite products for better performance.

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