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FRP or Fiber Reinforced Plastic is used to prepare different kinds of products like chair trays, helmets,pipe ducts, water tanks, water cooler bodies and water tank paneling. FRP is a composite material which is made from fiber thermosetting resins, fillers and pigments.
FRP products India is primarily known for:

Tensile strength is one of the most essential requirements for products. FRP products India come with high levels of tensile strength; minimum of 7000 PSI and maximum of 14000 PSI for standard products. This enables products to retain shape even under extreme stress.

FRP is a strong material. Being rust free and high in tensile strength it can perform under an aggressive working environment for a long time. The vinyl ester resins provide a toughness to the FRP pipes which resists cracking and crazing when heavy loads are placed on it. This toughness also protects the FRP products from the damage caused by shipping and installation.

Low Maintenance
There are less chances of wear and tear and hence comes with low maintenance cost. So once you install a FRP product, it can run for years without needing further investment; in one word, FRP products are value for money.

User Friendly
FRP is also light weight. Be it replacing the existing products, carrying from one place to the other or installation; FRP products can serve the purpose easily with its light weight. Manufacturers ensure that the products can be installed using least manual labor and hence the cost of engaging multiple workers to install a FRP pipe or flange guard also reduces.

From pipes to trays, from flanges to scrubbers, whatever many be the need, FRP is suitable for any make. The top FRP product manufacturers in India even uses this raw material to prepare goods for pulp and paper mills.Mat, woven roving, continuous strand are some of the FRP types used for catering to the needs of the various industries.

Corrosion Resistant
FRP is also a popular product in the mining industry. In this kind of environment FRP products are most of the times exposed to harsh chemicals, high rates of humidity and extreme temperatures, each of which is a strong promoter of rust. FRP, which is made from Fiberglass is neutral to such hostile chemical environment and hence can remain rust free.

Another important feature of FRP is that it can be customized. This is very important so that the existing pipe or product can be replaced to install a new FRP product without making any big changes in the existing configuration. For this reason, FRP is used to manufacture small bore chemical pipes, large bore recycle pipes, absorber spray header systems which are used on large tanks, changing which with change in pipes is almost impossible.

So what makes FRP so user and friendly and flexible to work under any environment? FRP products are come with an additional resin jacket which also has an ultraviolet stabilizer. These elements safeguard the products from ultraviolet rays, sunlight, heavy rainfall and snow. Some FRP products are even coated with high quality paints which ensure a natural laminate to these against chemicals, acids and alkaline. Laminates have great electrical resistivity, medium levels of thermal conductivity and is noncombustible.
So contact a top manufacturer today to get the high quality, reliable and high performing FRP products.

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