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GRP piping systems are tested first before manufacturers send them to the suppliers and vendors. GRP pipes manufacturers India make exotic piping solutions for global customers. They make these products available across the world at reasonable rates. In this article, manufacturers would like to share some of the benefits offered by their products at one time.

• Long lasting

FRP generally has minimum life cycle of 50 years. The smooth surface is maintained throughout the life ofthe pipe.

• Cost effective

FRP pipes have 10 to 15% cheaper price than steel pipes and 20-30% than cement concrete pipes.

• Lightweight

GRP and FRP pipes weight is 75% lighter than the steel pipes and 90% lighter than the concrete pipes. GRPpipes are lighter and so it is easier to handle and install them at low transportation cost.

You hardly need any tool for installation and porting these pipes.

• Installation benefits

Since GRP pipes are easy to install, manufacturers can make them up to 12m long to speed up installation,which also eliminates up to 75% of the joints. GRP pipes are easy to handle and move and so you don’t need a bunch of people in the team.

• Dimension stability

GRP piping system can sustain tolerances required of the most demanding piping and structural applications.

• Strength to weight ratio

The GRP pipe has superb strength to weight properties. GRP composites surpass iron, HDPE, PVC and mild steel when the ratio of weight’s strength per unit is considered.

• Very low friction factor

GRP pipes have low friction and its hydraulic characteristics lead to significant saving in pumping costs.

• Low maintenance

There is no such maintenance cost involved for GRP pipes because these are corrosion resistant.

When there is no corrosion, there is no need of replacement.

• Compatibility

GRP pipes are OD compatible with CI, DI, and pre-stressed cement pipe. Apart from DI, CI fittings, GRP flanges can be used to link pipe directly to these materials.

• Fire Resistance

GRP products are available in versatile designs and can be made fire retardant with right selection of the resin.

GRP pipes manufacturers India are making distinct ranges of GRP pipes for industrial clients. These pipescan be customized as per the requirement of the customer. If you need assistance regarding GRP pipes or to know how to order it, contact manufacturers today.

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